SEA Cargo

SEA Cargo Service in Delhi

When it comes to services like Sea cargo, a logistic company has to be packed with experience as well as has to have the right connections. And VSR Universal Express Pvt Ltd, has all of these that are needed to continue a successful Sea Cargo Service in Delhi, India. With us, you will get the best possible services when it comes to sea freights.

Transporting Your Goods, The Right Way

With VSR Universal Express Pvt Ltd, you do not have to worry about your needs in terms of sea cargo. We can transport your goods to and from any ports of India. All thanks to our connections with the contracts that we have with the major lines and consolidators.

A cost-effective solution

We, at VSR Universal Express Pvt Ltd ensure that sea cargo in Delhi doesn’t turn out to be a burden for you. And hence, we have come with the most cost-effective solution for you. You can get your goods delivered the right way anywhere with our effective range of available sea freight and cargo options.