Excess Baggage Delivery

Excess Baggage Delivery Services in Delhi

With the help of VSR Universal Express Pvt Ltd, you can get the best express baggage delivery services in Delhi. We specialise in shipping excess baggage or luggage through our courier services to anywhere around the world. This is basically an easy solution to all the strict airline rules on extra baggage.

An Affordable Solution to Your Excess Baggage Problem

Although excess baggage is really an expensive affair for a person who is traveling for a longer period of time. In such cases, you can simply take the help from our express baggage delivery in Delhi. We offer you 50% discount by shipping your baggage to your destination safely.

Get the Best Service with Us

When it comes to express baggage delivery and other courier services, we provide the best services. We are one among the top courier services in India and our vision is to help our customers the most effective way to fulfil their all kinds of courier needs. Call us @ 9910249155 for Free Home Pickup Services.